My Exhibition

Assuming you have been invited together with an exhibition of your work, then you will be coordinating with the curators who will coordinate several steps along the way before you start to complete this section.

  • Step 1 – Agree with your curator the number of exhibits
  • Step 2 – Prepare your first edit and size these images at 1350px on the longest side at a resolution of 300dpi. Please use the colour space Adobe sRGB and save the files to JPG format.
  • Step 3 – Sort the image files into an order that is necessary for the visual story or by a method that you would prefer the hanging order to be. If you don’t have a preference or require a hanging order, move to the next step.
  • Step 4 – Make a copy of the files and place the copy of them in a new folder.
  • Step 5 – Rename the files with a two-digit number such as 01, 02, 03 with prefix “POS” so the final filename will be POS 01, POS 02, POS 03, etc. (if you wish to reference your own file-naming structure you may keep the existing file name at the end of the new filename)
  • Step 6 – Upload the JPG files through the portal.

There are two tabs that you will use. The first tab is for settings and the second tab is for uploads of the JPG files. You should proceed to “Add an Exhibit” from the second tab for each image.


There are instructions for each field available in the upload area. You may want to prepare your image titles and captions in advance before commencing the uploads, but you can return to complete any remaining fields at a later time.


The small JPG files that you will be uploading to the system here are for the use of the exhibition installation team, our designers who will be creating the exhibition guide, and for online use only.

To participate with Print Sales you need to turn on the option in the settings section while the individual print sale prices are added together with each exhibit. When entering the price for print only, only use numerical input without a currency symbol, comma, decimal point, or spaces. All values should be in USD.



Preparation of your print production files is different than the image files required for online, exhibition catalog and designers.

To achieve the best quality prints, please prepare your print production files in the ProPhoto colour space or at least Adobe (1998). The files should be 16 bit TIFF format and with a resolution of 360dpi.

IMPORTANT!  – Please do not attempt to convert sRGB or 8bit JPG files to another colour space or save them as TIFF. If you do not have the optimum 16 bit TIFF files in ProPhoto or Adobe (1998) you should submit the best files you have for print production.


For the purpose of transferring the “Print Production” High Res files, we have provided a link to our cloud system on your dashboard. If you are unsure how to prepare print production files, your curator will be happy to send you some guidelines.


If you are offering Limited Edition or AP Editions for sale during the festival or through GalleryX, you need to ensure that you can provide the Certificates of Authenticity for each.